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Youth Development, task for all –



It gives me great pleasure to address you all at this auspicious occasion of the 2020 National Youth Day Celebration today the 1st of November 2020 .
The theme of this year’s celebration, “Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable production and Consumption”, is not only appropriate, but very timely considering the level of poverty among young people globally. It is apt because it coincides with the challenges of global recession with its attendant poverty, increased unemployment and under-employment, collapse of businesses and high crime rate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the National Youth Policy (2009) pointed out that the Nigeria’s population is predominantly young. This has been earlier revealed by the 2006 National Census figures which shows that two-third of the Nigerian population are youth and Akwa Ibom is one the most populous state it hosts a large number of youth in the country. This poses a great challenge to the Government and inspires the Government to find lasting solutions for the challenges facing our younger generations as leaders oftomorrow. This is an obligation upon us and we will not relent in our determined effort to meet the yearnings and aspirations of our teeming youth. You are our hope, and it is our responsibility as leaders of today to secure your future by providing the necessary support and machinery for your development in a most decent and responsible way.

It is clear that the National Youth Day Celebration 2020 has just been declared by the Nigerian Government to Celebrate his Youth, their Talent, Skills, Potential, Contributions, among other, and to meet with the demands of the youth to this end the recent protest by the Nigerian Youth tagged #ENDSARS and other Demands by the Nigerian Youth among which includes Youth inclusiveness, end to bad Government, reduction of Salaries of political office holders,Increase of Social welfare scheme, increase in employement rate for youth, and increase standard of livehood among other we at YNN Akwa Ibom State Chapter join to amplifiers our Voices as we demand that the right of every youth should be given both in employement, empowerment, appointment, jobs, Skills, better education, health, Scholarship, and Social welfare Scheme.

I therefore call on the general public particularly parents, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders, politicians, governments etc not to shy away from their responsibilities of their wards by inculcating in them good moral and social behavior that will make youth a standard in the Community of Nations and we all work together towards building the Youth for a better and stronger Nation.

Happy National Youth 2020

Long Live Youth of Akwa Ibom State
Long Live Youth of Nigeria
Long live Youth for New Nigeria (YNN)
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Silas Udofia
State Coordinator
Youth For New Nigeria
YNN, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria.

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