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YNNLagos Stormed Alimosho LG, demand more Youthful Involvement in Community Development

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Beyond the rhetorics and frenzy talks we are all good at in #Nigeria, truth is solutions would still remain a mirage until we get involved in the real dirty works that would produce the real results we need to better our country.

Across all sectors and industries, there are actors, spectators and ignoramuses, what category are you?

Being an actor is the most effective way to effect a change as you can’t influence a team that you are alien to.

Sunday, 2nd August, the Alimosho Chapter of Youths for New Nigeria, YNN, met to discuss on issues concerning them and their environment and arrived at logical action plans to achieve a better society.

The gathering involved vital stakeholders in the community all youths where we had representatives of members of the youth council, CDAs and other voluntary groups present on sit.

Challenging and impacts of the COVID19 was not left out, so also are the environmental impacts being faced across the LG and LCDAs.

Report of critical urgent spots needing immediate attention were given and team was set up to look into same immediately.

The group agreed to be more committed to the course at hand as no one will develop our environment community beyond our level of interest and commitment to it.

Other event was scheduled for October 1 ahead of Nigeria’s 60th Independence celebration.

How involved are you in the operations of your immediate community?

Everyone belongs to one #CDA or the other, are you part of it or claim to be more important and larger than life?
A #newNigeria requires our active involvement and now is the time to get involved.

#YNN is present in all States and Local Government Areas in #Lagos and you would be glad to be part of this social movement to impact Nigeria positively.

#itbeginswithme #joinusnow #iyd2020 #iyd #internationalyouthday #ynnlagos #youthdevelopment

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