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Membership of YNN shall be opened to the following categories;

i. Student Membership
ii. Ordinary Membership
iii. Registered Membership
iv. Executives Membership
v. Distinguished Membership
vi. Honourary Membership and
vii. Corporate Membership

1.3.1 Student Membership: This is open to all secondary school students who choose to belong to the organization. A proof of membership of a secondary school is required to be admitted as a Student Member.

1.3.2 Ordinary Membership: This membership applies to any youth joining the association through any channel and can be identified by any of the Executive member of YNN.

1.3.3 Registered Membership: This is for any ordinary member who pays at least #12,000 (twelve thousand naira only) within a 12 calendar month.

1.3.4 Executive Membership: This is any member who holds an office from the Ward level up to the National level. Also, anyone who is responsible to lead a team, a project or a task also qualifies as an Executive Member.

Such a person is expected to be of high moral standard, commendable character and effective leadership skills.

1.3.5 Distinguished Membership: The National Executives may confer the title of distinguished members to any member by reasons of some achievement either abroad or at home, which greatly contributes to honor, welfare, or status of the association.

1.3.6 Honourary Membership: The National Executives may confer the title of honorary members on any persons, irrespective of their tidings, who through their efforts have helped the association to promote its aims and realize its objectives and projects.

1.3.7 Institutional Membership: Institutional members may be national, regional, global and/or professional associations and organizations based in/out of Nigeria. Such an organization must have been on immense support and contribution to the growth and success of YNN and in any given geography to be so recognized.

1.3.8 Membership will be accorded only after being registered, referred or conferred and approved by the National Coordinator. The YNN’s register shall be updated monthly and be consulted on regular basis as required.

1.3.9 While YNN is not-for-profit organization, financial contributions from members shall be appreciated with possible reward as appreciation as deem fit.
Financial members shall be referred to as Registered Members.



Membership of YNN may be lost through:

i. Voluntary withdrawal/Resignation;
In the event of voluntary withdrawal or resignation, the concerned shall submit a written request to the Local Coordinator or State Coordinator as the case may be, stating the reason for such withdrawal. The request shall be presented to the General Secretary for appropriate filing and communication where necessary.

ii. Expulsion;
In the event of misconduct or act against the core values and ethos of YNN, the decision shall be taken by the National Coordinator as recommended by any Executive Member.

iii. Any member who resigns or is expelled loses all rights to say any assets or benefits acquired by the association when serving as a member.

iv. The association may revoke the reward of honorary or distinguished membership if the persons(s) to whom such an honour was awarded no longer merit(s) it because of unbecoming conduct or conducts which is deemed to be detrimental to the interest of the organization.

v. For institutional membership, the association may revoke membership, if institutions go contrary to the values, and mission of the organization.

vi. Death; In the case of death or sudden demise of YNN, the right honour must be given such a person with priorities from Registered Members and above. If such is an Executive Member, a replacement should be sourced within a maximum of 30days after the notice is received.

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