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We seek to ensure the socioeconomic growth of every member and societal transformation for a new Nigeria.

Welcome to YNN (Youths for New Nigeria)

Nigerian youths account for 75% of the population workforce. The success or failure of a nation is determined by the resourcefulness of the youth.

Youths for New Nigeria is galvanizing the most important gift of the land to champion a new way of thinking and living for individual, collective greatness and national prosperity for all.

We seek to ensure the socioeconomic growth of every member and societal transformation for a new Nigeria.


A platform that seeks to engage, empower and enhance every Nigerian youth for individual and collective greatness and national prosperity.


To provide the right socioeconomic atmosphere where peace, progress and prosperity reigns.

Core Values

The Core Values are acronym 5Ps.


We are geared towards the overall benefits of all, discrediting selfish gains for the overall good of everyone. Friendship is key to achieve a New Nigeria.


We are purposeful in our dealings. We stand out and stand firm for what is right and go against all odds to achieve our desired aims. Our goals are our driving forces.


We are always driven to hold on and stand firm, not giving up against all odds, challenges and oppositions. Our passion keeps us going until we birth a new Nigeria.


We strive to be champions and not just spectators. We take our time, energy and resources to produce tangible and visible results in all we do.


We are committed and passionate to selflessly serve our fatherland. We are patriotic in our thoughts, deeds, actions and inactions to achieve the ultimate goal of a new Nigeria.

Meet the National Coordinator

National cordinator - Sunday Obanubi

Welcome to a New Nigeria,

Nigeria is a land estimated to have over 200million youths and many of these people live their lives in hopes for a better tomorrow which they are not really sure of. Hope for food, clothing and shelter and gainful employment.
The Youths for New Nigeria was birthed with the intention that it would become a solace for the average youth as we offer to provide a platform for –engagement, empowerment, and enhancement.

Let’s engage as much as possible, when we do, we know ourselves better, help our weaknesses and uphold our strengths; we also erase our ignorance by learning from one another.
Let’s empower one another; there is so much in teamwork. What you need to succeed is just at most four people away from you, so as we engage one another, we empower ourselves also to become better people.
We also seek to enhance one another; you can become better, stronger, richer, wiser and greater when we climb on the shoulder of one another. Remember, what you make happen for someone, others will make happen for you.

So, as Leaders, you have the responsibility to think above and beyond yourself. You are now responsible for the average young men and ladies across Nigeria and your community in particular, who do not know you and don’t even care to know you despite all you will have to do for them.
You are now to become a burden bearer, a lifesaver, a whistleblower, a blood donor, a volunteer teacher, a community servant. Let this be your job description.

Remember that you do this, not for the gains you will get today or even tomorrow, but for the heart of service you have within you and the joy of being a Change Maker. Never put self before service.
When others fail, do not fail. When others are sleeping, take note that it is not time to sleep yet, until every youth out there can sleep with their two eyes closed.

Welcome to a life of selflessness and sacrifice.
Welcome to YNN and welcome to a New Nigeria.
I wish you the very best on this journey to nation-building.
May you prosper and excel in all your ways.

Sunday Obanubi
Youths for New Nigeria – YNN

Our Events

YNN-South-West-Youth-Summit-U I-Ibadan
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